Royal Panda Casino Promo Codes or Advert Promotions

To win this unique promotion and the opportunity to meet the baby panda, players had to complete two challenges

For loyal Royal Panda users, there is a promotion programme called Loyal Panda. This is a points-based reward initiative by Royal Panda to offer its loyal users more than just the potential to win money. As per the programme, a loyal player would make Loyal Panda points whenever he/she plays real money games on the site.

Irrespective of whether you lose or win, you would always earn the points for having played games on Royal Panda. The points could be redeemed against Loyal Panda Shop items or gifts, which include jewellery, tablets, and also bonus money. To redeem the points, you must log in to your account and head to the ‘loyal panda shop’.

There are no stringent rules or procedures to follow to become eligible for becoming a Royal Panda “loyal” member. You become a loyal panda as soon as you join the casino and start playing with real money. Your loyalty points would increase as you keep playing the real-money games.

To be honest, it is not very straightforward to pick a popular advert or bonus promotion from the several promotions that Royal Panda has organized till date. Bővebben