This theme contains two subthemes: exposed intercourse and pre-marital creation and beer and medication abuse

Overall health risk behaviour

This design contains two subthemes: unprotected love-making and pre-marital pregnancy and drinks and pill misuse.

Unprotected love-making and pre-marital pregnancy

For many of people, the flipping part of making the decision to marry as offspring was actually whenever their particular father and mother assumed them of either using pre-marital love-making or a€?khalwata€? (near distance) or discovered that they certainly were expecting a baby before nuptials, all of these is banned in their faith, Islam. Caused by religious norms as well as conceal the embarrassment and disgrace associated with the kids, the mother and father over these scenarios pushed the girls to get wedded promptly, since the babes had been thought to posses fully committed sins.

a€?nicely, as I had been younger, I had pre-marital love-making, and we needed to collect wedded. All of our moms and dads explained you to acquire married also, therefore am safer to see hitched. Thus, most people dropped in love just soon after we acquired married to each other. Bővebben