DIY How-To: A step by step to make Emily B.’s Wrap-Around Velvet Headboard

by Emily Bowser 9.19.19

Today Emily Bowser here with the DIY headboard how-to I promised in the reveal of my bedroom from earlier. This is just what I’m calling “A guide for the one who poses as a DIYer but whatever, it gets the working task done.” Enjoy, and inform me if any clarity is needed by you or have questions in the feedback.

Step one: per year just before really do the task, choose the textile. I purchased mine from Mood Fabric and final We seemed they certainly were from it (sorry!) It’s a burnt velvet that is orange it absolutely was expensive. I believe it absolutely was $24/yard and I also purchased a great deal it to recover my burnt orange velvet chair in the living room because I wanted. We reside in a space that is small I like keeping it cohesive! (Tutorial on that possibly coming quickly—how’s that for commitment??). But really however, even it’s helpful to have the fabric so you can start pulling other things together though I didn’t construct the bed for entirely too long.

Step 2: Assemble buddies. You don’t need a lot more than someone for this and you definitely don’t need three, particularly when you merely very very own one basic gun but DIY with friends is much more pleasurable. Particularly when goss and wine’ is included.

Step three: head to Residence Depot and invest completely too much time searching for anyone to assist you to. You’ve got a nagging feeling they don’t make cuts because small as you would like but you ask some guy in which he states they are doing. Wait 35 more moments when it comes to guy that is wood-cutter have him tell you they usually do not, in reality, make cuts that tiny. You have got him cut as close as you possibly can and then leave knowing this without a doubt simply got way more complicated that you’ve used *kinda* once because you only have a table saw and a jigsaw. Bővebben