Account takeovers generally happen because people have accessed your login information.

Somebody has had over my account

That will take place in a ways that are few. The easiest, needless to say, is using a password that’s simple to imagine. Another option is because of a data breach on another site. Then your accounts on all of them have the potential to be taken over if one site has a security breach if you use the same password on several different sites or services. Lists as well as your current email address and passwords could be sold to actors that are bad will attempt your password on many different sites until they find the one that works. This site lets you enter your email and see if an account is had by you on another site which was suffering from an information breach.

Your account that is okCupid may been absorbed if you notice the immediate following

  • Your profile photos or essays have disappeared or been changed
  • Your password is not any longer working
  • The e-mail address on your own account was changed
  • The truth is acquisitions or registration changes (Note we never display your full billing information, even though you are logged into the account, and all payment information is saved in partial/ encrypted types)
  • The truth is conversations that you failed to take part in

We are able to guarantee you that OkCupid is protected. All passwords on OkCupid are encrypted and never also support staff is able to see what they’re. Bővebben